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Far Above Rubies Bible Camp for girls welcomes your financial support. We open the camp to any girl that really wants to come, whether or not they are financially able. We keep tuition very low to help families send their girls.

For 5 days, these girls will attend Bible classes, prayer sessions, attend practical applications discussions, and have a wonderful time being with each other and with the godly women and men teachers.

If you feel you can help, please contact me, Cami Bunting,  and I’ll be happy to give you details! or

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Hi, and happy JULY!  I have not posted a registration cut off date, but it’s really time to get those applications in!  There are a finite number of spots this year, please let me know if you are in one of them!  If $$ needs to come later or in installments, get in touch – I’d still like to have the applications right away.

I’m getting excited – are you?!

Me when applications come
Me when applications come

Teresa Harris’ Bible Class about Sanctification

When the preacher or Bible teacher uses the word “sanctification” does it go right over your head?   Or do you “sort of” know what it means, but not really?  Sanctification is one of the primary theme of the Bible – and this year is your chance to learn what it means – to God and for you!


Here’s what Teresa says about her class:
Sanctification: What does it mean? How can we be sanctified? At what cost? What are the blessings of sanctification? How can we practice sanctification in our relationships: with the world, with Christians, with God?

FAR Camp Bible Class – Taking on the Mind of Christ

It’s time for me to start letting you know the good Bible classes you will be enjoying during your week at FAR camp.  Sharon Ferencze, (Pictured on the left) brings you this intro to her class:

SharonTaking on the Mind of Christ

Do you struggle with: loneliness, hopelessness, insecurity, fear, impure thoughts and desires, jealousy, selfishness, laziness, outbursts of anger, impatience, frustration, worldliness, guilt, worry, sadness, confusion or indecision, lack of peace, relationship issues?

Taking on the Mind of Christ can be the remedy!

Since the mind of Christ is the perfect model for our minds, we will look into that perfect mind and try to align ours with it.  We will learn how taking on the mind of Christ enables us to properly order our thoughts with regard to reality, and how doing this will help us to overcome the challenges we face in life.

FAR 2015 Evening Activities Theme

Hello FAR Campers!here am i

You may have seen the theme verse for camp this year, “Here am I! Send me.” from Isaiah 6:8.  It’s Isaiah’s answer to God’ question, “Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?”

I’m excited to tell you that our evening activities will center around the theme of evangelism.

Monday evening we will talk about how to be a better Bible student and be ready to answer people’s questions. Tuesday we will talk about talking to people you know and care about. Wednesday we will work on talking to people you don’t know.  And Thursday we will wrap up with a special evening centered around the commandment to “go into all the world.

Hopefully, as each day goes by, we will be more like Isaiah, and in a world that needs so much to hear God’s message, we will gladly join in to say, “Here am I! Send me.”

It’s Here!

This is our last post before FAR Camp 2014 becomes a reality, Lord willing.  If you are on your way, we pray for your safe travels.  We ask that everyone who sees this take a minute to pray for the camp, for the hearts of the girls and the teachers, for safety and health, and that God’s will be done.  

Check the facebook page: Far Above Rubies Bible Camp for updates during the week.