Camp FAQ


Packing List for Campers

Sheet music to our camp theme song, composed by Andy Robison. 8-Far-Above-Rubies

What do we do at FAR camp? Our day is mostly spent in Bible Study, in classes taught by experienced Christian men and women. We go to classes morning and afternoon, have a prayer session, have devotions at breakfast and in our cabins at night, and have spiritual discussions every evening. Whew! But we have some free time built in where you can play, craft, or just hang out with your friends and teachers. We eat three meals a day together and we build some fun activities into our evening discussions. We try to get time to sing late each evening. Each day a Hospitality Team helps out with serving others.

What’s a Hospitality Team? All campers are divided into four groups, forming our four Hospitality teams. One of our Teachers will be assigned to each team. It means some cleaning chores, as we’re take care of that ourselves. But beyond that – it’s up to you! Look around and see what needs done.

No cell phones?!? Nope! You turn them in when you come, and you get them back when you leave. They are always available in case of emergency, and your teachers and counselors will have access to their phones. This week is really a chance to focus purely on spiritual things without the distraction of our daily lives. I think you’ll like it!

What should I bring along?  Here is a helpful Packing List for Campers.

What if I can’t afford the tuition? If you are sincerely interested in the learning and fellowship of our week at FAR camp, we don’t want lack of funds to keep you away. Contact me at and tell me a little about your situation. We’ll see what we can do together to work it out!

(Parents) Can I work at FAR camp? Do you need help? This year we are fully staffed. We can always use some help with resources. If you have access to wonderful fresh produce or would like to send some yummy snacks, or crafting supplies, that would be great. It’s really only helpful if we know well ahead of time, so please email us at to inquire.

Any additional questions? Let us know.

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