FAR Camp Bible Class – Taking on the Mind of Christ

It’s time for me to start letting you know the good Bible classes you will be enjoying during your week at FAR camp.  Sharon Ferencze, (Pictured on the left) brings you this intro to her class:

SharonTaking on the Mind of Christ

Do you struggle with: loneliness, hopelessness, insecurity, fear, impure thoughts and desires, jealousy, selfishness, laziness, outbursts of anger, impatience, frustration, worldliness, guilt, worry, sadness, confusion or indecision, lack of peace, relationship issues?

Taking on the Mind of Christ can be the remedy!

Since the mind of Christ is the perfect model for our minds, we will look into that perfect mind and try to align ours with it.  We will learn how taking on the mind of Christ enables us to properly order our thoughts with regard to reality, and how doing this will help us to overcome the challenges we face in life.

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