Donate to FAR

We try to keep the tuition to FAR camp at a minimum, allowing as many girls as possible to attend.  Still, some of the girls that want and need the spiritual week the most, can afford it the least.  We have a policy that we work with anyone who would like to come, to see what resources they do have available and to make it possible for them to come.  We don’t want anyone to miss out on this opportunity because of a lack of finances.

In addition, as many realize, anything to do with real estate in the Northeastern United States comes at quite a cost.  The facilities we use are quite expensive, more so than other parts of the country.  Spruce Lake Retreat is especially cooperative, changing some of their general policies to allow us to do all of our own cleaning, which reduces our cost quite a bit.  Our teachers, counselors and support staff all help the camp with donations of finances and/or supplies.

So, we would gladly welcome your financial support or support of resources of supplies or, if you’re local, food donations.  Every small amount is greatly appreciated by those of us who organize the camp, and by the beautiful girls who attend.

far note

Contact Cami Bunting, or 212-729-8360 if you would like to talk about helping or to have any of your questions answered.

Makes check payable to:


Cami Bunting                                                                  929 West End Ave, Apt. 5D                                          New York, NY 10025



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