Contact Information

For all general inquiries please contact the Camp Director, Cami Bunting  |  212-729-8360

Letter from the Director:

When I was asked, several years ago, to organize and direct a Bible Study Camp for girls, I heartily answered, “yes” before taking into consideration that I had no idea what to do first, or next, for that matter.  I had seen, firsthand, the benefits that boys in the Northeast were getting from an all-boys Bible Study camp, and thought it would be wonderful for the same opportunity to be available for girls.

Little did I know what a difference and blessing this camp would bring to my life. Each year, as the week really gets going, I marvel at how amazing the atmosphere is.  I see girls totally engaged in classes for several hours a day.  I see girls heartily and happily serving each other and taking care of menial tasks with no complaining.  I see girls sitting at the feet of older women, soaking up every word.  I see lots and lots of hugging, laughing, singing, and “Love Note” writing.  The momentum keeps building and just can’t be stopped. And I marvel.

Then I marvel at myself for being surprised.  When Christians come together with full intent to take a break from worldly pursuits and spend time in study, prayer and fellowship – what else should I expect? I only wish that everyone could experience a little bit of the wonder.

I would love for you to send your daughters, or recommend the camp, or support us with donations. I welcome your conversation, questions and feedback about FAR camp.

Cami Bunting


My husband, Don and I have lived in and around New York City to work  for the past 17 years.  We have 3 grown-up sons, 3 amazing daughters-in-law, and  seven of the cutest grandchildren on the planet.  Don works as a full-time Bible Teacher and we love sharing that work.

3 thoughts on “Contact Info

  1. Hi,
    My name is Melena Mitchell and we live in Burnsville, NC, which is Western North Carolina. I have a daughter and maybe another girl or two, who would like to come this year. But they need transportation. Do you know of anyone traveling from this area? That they could catch a ride with.

    1. Hello and BIG apologies, Melena. I am new to the whole website thing and while I came on here to add info, I did NOT see the notifications. I am so very sorry I did not get back to you. We did not have anyone coming from North Carolina or thereabouts. I hope we can get your daughter there next year! Sorry again!!

  2. Hello Miss Cami. My name is Millie Derringer. I have 3 girls in Kentucky interested in the FAR camp. However, with the lengthy drive, I was wondering if you knew of anyone from this direction headed in the camp direction? And if so, are there spots available? Thank you for reading the message and any thought towards the questions.

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