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For all general inquiries please contact  or any of the Camp Directors.

Cami Bunting

Don and Cami Bunting have lived in the New York City Metro area for the past 18 years. Don has worked with congregations in Manhattan, and now they are working to start a new congregation on the New Jersey side of the Hudson River,  Cami loves the country, small towns and big cities!  Each one holds opportunity to spread God’s word.  She’s the proud mom of three sons who are married to lovely wives, and “nana” to 8 sweet grandchildren.

Marie Edwards

Born and raised on Indiana farmland, Marie grew up wading creeks and going barefoot. She dedicated her life to the Lord at age 11. In 1993 she married Bryan Edwards and transplanted to Kentucky where God blessed them with four children. Still in Kentucky, she loves to cook, craft and play with her grandchildren.

Bertina Smelser

Bertina Smelser of central Pennsylvania is the wife of Scott, mother of 6 and grandmother of 6.  Her family has been blessed to be a part of several church planting works, including Capital City Christians of Harrisburg, PA with which they are currently working. Bertina loves hiking, nature, and activities with children. She has been homeschooling for almost 30 years, and will soon retire from that role!

3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Hi,
    My name is Melena Mitchell and we live in Burnsville, NC, which is Western North Carolina. I have a daughter and maybe another girl or two, who would like to come this year. But they need transportation. Do you know of anyone traveling from this area? That they could catch a ride with.

    1. Hello and BIG apologies, Melena. I am new to the whole website thing and while I came on here to add info, I did NOT see the notifications. I am so very sorry I did not get back to you. We did not have anyone coming from North Carolina or thereabouts. I hope we can get your daughter there next year! Sorry again!!

  2. Hello Miss Cami. My name is Millie Derringer. I have 3 girls in Kentucky interested in the FAR camp. However, with the lengthy drive, I was wondering if you knew of anyone from this direction headed in the camp direction? And if so, are there spots available? Thank you for reading the message and any thought towards the questions.

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