General Information

Camp Life

Campers are housed with girls of all ages.  They attend Bible classes with girls of similar ages.  They are grouped for Hospitality Teams and other activities with a different set of girls of all ages – allowing campers to get to spend time with the biggest variety of other campers possible


Counselors are carefully chosen, lovely young women who provide supervision, lead devotions, and offer spiritual guidance.  There is one counselor for about every 10 campers.


There are men and women teachers.  The men are full-time gospel preachers or elders in congregations of the Lord’s church.  The men teachers are only present in their classes and for some meals.


The women are avid Bible students and capable teachers.  They are all wives and mothers, some are grandmothers! Besides teaching their classes, the women teachers lead in prayer groups, offer counseling, and participate in all evening activities.

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Support staff provides a week of delicious and wholesome meals. A team of about 6 men and women work tirelessly and serve food made with love. (The men are our teachers, and they help us with the “heavy lifting” and massive dish washing.) These capable moms are also included in the spiritual activities when possible, and we encourage their interaction with the girls.

We have what we lovingly call “The Young Mom’s Club.” Young mothers from the area are invited to spend a day at camp, bringing their small children if they wish.  Often they are included in a speaking role, bringing a spiritual lesson from someone closer in age than the teachers, yet in a further stage of life than the counselors.  We include them in the prayer sessions.  We believe their example is important to the campers.

Days are spent in classes, and prayer time.  We eat three meals together, have morning and evening devotions, some free time with optional extra activities, such as crafts, sports, or classes.  Evenings are spent together with spiritual lessons mixed with practical applications and a little late night singing.

Campers are given the opportunity to serve by the responsibility of keeping up with camp facilities.  We help lower the cost of the campsite by doing all of our own cleaning during the week and at the end.  We make this task fun by dividing it between Hospitality Teams, led by our women teachers, who help the girls see a need and fill it with a positive attitude.

No Cell Phone Policy
This week is truly a chance to focus on spiritual things without the distraction of our daily lives, so cell phones are not allowed. You might like it better than you think! You’ll turn your phone in as you arrive and it will be kept safe during the camp.  You’ll get it back just in time to take a few pictures before you leave.  Staff cell phones will be available for emergencies or if your family needs to contact you.

We try to keep the cost of FAR camp to a minimum, allowing as many girls as possible to attend.  If, however, you would like to come, but do not have the resources, please contact Cami Bunting, to talk about it.  We will see what resources you do have available, and we will work to get you to camp.  We don’t want anyone to miss out on this opportunity because of a lack of finances.


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