Evening Spiritual Activities Theme Growing in Christ

Each year our evening activities focus on a spiritual theme with practical application.

This year, we’ll be talking about seeking God with all your heart, as you enter each new stage of your life.  You are in an exciting time of your life – so much lies ahead of you!  But you also probably have so many questions.


Where will I live? What will my occupation be? Will I marry? Whom will I marry?  Who will my friends be? How will I learn “adulting” skills?  How will I continue with my Bible learning and service in the Lord’s church?

Monday: Choosing your friends, choosing your mate                                                              Tuesday: Learning to provide and nurture                                                                                  Wednesday: Learning to care for a family and home                                                              Thursday: Taking personal responsibility for your spiritual education and service

Our teachers, hosts, counselors and visiting Young Moms will all take part in these lesson and activities.  Please be there to be filled!

On-line and PDF application under Application Tab.                                                                  Donate under Contact Tab

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