Campers from long distances?

There is some interest in getting girls to FAR Camp from other parts of the country, and people are wondering about transportation.
While I can’t coordinate the rides, I’d be happy to keep a “data bank” of people interested and put you in touch with one another.
If you email me at – I’ll keep a list and if it looks like people are close enough for it to work – I’ll send you each other’s email.
Usually a next question that arises is if there is enough work needing done for the parent drivers to stay at camp, and there really is not, although I appreciate the thought.
Thanks for your interest!

2 thoughts on “Campers from long distances?

  1. Cami, I would love to volunteer to bring girls again but I will be having major surgery the end of July and just getting Tessa there will be a challenge. Maybe I can next year. I hope someone can do this. Camp is such an awesome experience for the girls.

    1. Karen, I hope your surgery went well, and I’m so sorry about the loss of your mom. I am still figuring out this website thing and did NOT see these notifications until just now, when I’m trying to change some things. So glad Tessa got to come again!

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