Every Penny Counts…start saving today!!!

Hey girls, we have a great idea for camp this year.  We’ve created our very own label to print and cut and glue to a jar or container.  Try to save some extra coins and dollars – empty your pockets into the jar once in a while, skip the “latte- frappo-mocha-poka”, and stick the $$ in the jar.  See how much you can save to help pay for your camp tuition.  
Whether you’re paying your own way, or your family is helping, or you need help to come to camp – how cool to save along the way.  You can even just bring the jar of coins and cash to camp with you.
I love you so much and I can’t wait to get together in August.  Maybe we’ll have a coffee house night for all those “mocha poka’s” you did without!
savings label

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