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FAR Camp 2018 Registration is Open

Welcome to FAR Camp 2018!  The application forms are ready and posted here, under the APPLICATION tab.

This year for the first time, we have an on-line submission form and a link to pay via PayPal!  I hope this is more convenient for many of you.  You can still print and mail an application, and check, if you like.

Invite your friends and get your applications in soon!  I wonder who will be first!


Thanks for a good week!

Thanks for all who helped make FAR Camp 2017 a wonderful week. Thanks to God for blessing us with safety, health, and a week of peace to study and focus on him.

“I have no greater joy than to hear that my children are walking in the truth.” 3 John 4 —Keep running, girls!IMG_3662

It’s Time for Camp!

Registration is now closing up.  Camp begins one week from today!  If you’re coming to the site late, and have extenuating circumstances, contact me at farbiblecamp@gmail.com

Under the Camp Life tab, there’s an FAQ section.  There you’ll find a packing list, if you want some suggestions.  It can be warm in the afternoons, but it’s always cool at night – bring a hoodie or sweater.  And bring a paper Bible – you’ll be checking in your electronic devices.

Be safe on the way.  Prepare your heart to learn and grow!  See you Sunday!

Campers from long distances?

There is some interest in getting girls to FAR Camp from other parts of the country, and people are wondering about transportation.
While I can’t coordinate the rides, I’d be happy to keep a “data bank” of people interested and put you in touch with one another.
If you email me at farbiblecamp@gmail.com – I’ll keep a list and if it looks like people are close enough for it to work – I’ll send you each other’s email.
Usually a next question that arises is if there is enough work needing done for the parent drivers to stay at camp, and there really is not, although I appreciate the thought.
Thanks for your interest!