Announcing FAR Camp 2015 Dates: August 23 – 28

Get out your calendar and save the date!  FAR camp will be held at Spruce Lake Retreat, Canadensis, Pennsylvania on Sunday, August 23 through Friday, August 28!  Let’s get started planning!  Registration is not open yet, but stay tuned.

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It’s Here!

This is our last post before FAR Camp 2014 becomes a reality, Lord willing.  If you are on your way, we pray for your safe travels.  We ask that everyone who sees this take a minute to pray for the camp, for the hearts of the girls and the teachers, for safety and health, and that God’s will be done.  

Check the facebook page: Far Above Rubies Bible Camp for updates during the week.


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Sharon Ferencze – Ruth, A Woman of Excellence

Sharon Ferencze is teaching from the book of Ruth. She says, we can see the woman of Proverbs 31 personified in Ruth.

Only 5 more days!

2014 sharon

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Simon Harris – Class on Hebrews

Camp is getting closer by the day!  I’m getting so excited.  Simon Harris will be teaching the book of Hebrews.  In just 4 days?  He’s giving an overview.  Here’s what he says about his class:


Without a doubt, Hebrews is one of the harder books in the New Testament, but it is the depth and complexity found in the letter that also makes it so beautiful. While there may be some unanswerable questions surrounding Hebrews, there are also some wonderful truths that are only revealed within it’s pages. The author of Hebrews calls his letter “the word of exhortation” (Hebrews 13:22), which means it was written to encourage and challenge. If we think of Hebrews as a letter written to Jewish Christians who were tempted to return to the Old Law, we might wonder how it could be relevant to us, but when we realize these discouraged Christians were being exhorted to be diligent, hold fast, rest their hope, look to the promise, and to draw near to the one and only answer – Jesus, then we understand that same message should encourage us. Our study together will focus on that big picture with the goal of encouraging and challenging us to stick with Jesus no matter what! Along the way, we will be reminded of just how Awesome Jesus truly is!

Simon Profile



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Paul’s Voyage to Rome – Ed Smith

Check out what Ed Smith sent me to describe his class! It sounds so interesting and educational. Have you thought about Paul’s Voyage to Rome in this way?

“Anything BUT a Mediterranean vacation cruise, we often overlook the importance of the last two chapters of the book of Acts. This class will look at Paul’s long-standing desire to reach the city of Rome, beginning with his work in Ephesus, and then tracing the events of his arrests, trials, and the voyage itself. Along the way, we will learn about the Roman culture that surrounded Paul, and see that the Holy Spirit can even use narrative passages to teach us doctrinal and theological truths about being servants of Jesus Christ.”Ed

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Beth Works’ Lessons on Prayer

2014 beth

Beth describes the point of her class on Prayer this way:

“How do I get to this:


…through this?

Maze far

By “closing my eyes” and depending on this…

TowerI can’t wait to hear more.

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Study about “Church Membership”

Possibly my favorite teacher :-)Don , Don Bunting, will present classes on Church Membership. How does one become a “member” of the Lord’s church? What about the local congregation? Is “membership” necessary? What benefits and obligations go with it? Are you too young to be thinking about this? I don’t think so!

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